I’m a geek and need to get round to writing the copy for my about me page.  Currently I’m employed as a Operations Engineer.  I’m focused on moving the npm public registry onto SmartOS zones on the Joyent Public Cloud as well as adding additional redundancy and improving the uptime of the npm public registry as well as reducing outages.  I am chefifying things for npm so that spinning up new instances of SmartOS zones and having them running in a certain role is easier.  Mostly using chef-solo.

Previously I was working or TextDrive and Joyent.

I’m an opensource zealot – I have released some popular open source code which provides wrappers for connecting to the Clickatell API service (PHP, Ruby and Python), an online business directory (php), etc.  Most code I release is released under the MIT or BSD licenses.

When I’m not slaving away behind the keyboard I can be found walking my Irish Setter and/or the kids to the park or watching TV with the wife.

My Photographs have appeared in the Mail and Guardian, Read Write Web and a few chinese magazines.

P.S. I would rather not talk about the 11 months of not receiving money from TextDrive (Dean Allen).

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